hey, i'm new here..need help

is it possible to save your work from other applications (e.g. word, excel, photoshop etc.) using vb6??

this is for our thesis.. ASAP

we are developing a software and one feature of that is to autosave the work of the user in any other application..example: the program will run in the background...if you are typing a document in word, or editing photos in photoshop the program will autosave your work at a specific time..

thanks for reply.. :)

thanks but i think thats not what i'm looking for..example: you typing in microsoft word, i want to silently autosave it using vb...

Then try the following. Adjust as you see fit....:)

'Set a reference to MS Word - Project_References_Microsoft Word Objects library
Option Explicit

Dim appWord  As New Word.Application
Dim wrdDoc As New Word.Document
Dim strFileName As String

Private Sub Command1_Click()

strFileName = "C:\MyDocNameHere.doc"

Set appWord = New Word.Application
appWord.Documents.Open strFileName

appWord.Visible = True

Timer1.Enabled = True
End Sub

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()

'Set timer to say 5000 (Every 5 seconds etc)
End Sub

Thank you for your replies..:)

but i have other questions like can i apply these to other applications?? like photoshop, notepad, etc..??

Yes, you can. Just make sure they are referenced in you application. Their ".Save" might be a little different, but the same principals apply.

It's a pleasure. Let me know if you get any hiccups or errors. If none then please mark this as solved, thanks.:)

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