hey, i'm new here..need help

is it possible to save your work from other applications (e.g. word, excel, photoshop etc.) using vb6??

this is for our thesis.. ASAP

Yes it is. Now give us some more information so we can help you get a proper solution.:)

we are developing a software and one feature of that is to autosave the work of the user in any other application..example: the program will run in the background...if you are typing a document in word, or editing photos in photoshop the program will autosave your work at a specific time..

thanks for reply.. :)

It's a pleasure.:)

Have a look at THIS link with plenty of resolved samples.

thanks but i think thats not what i'm looking for..example: you typing in microsoft word, i want to silently autosave it using vb...

Then try the following. Adjust as you see fit....:)

'Set a reference to MS Word - Project_References_Microsoft Word Objects library
Option Explicit

Dim appWord  As New Word.Application
Dim wrdDoc As New Word.Document
Dim strFileName As String

Private Sub Command1_Click()

strFileName = "C:\MyDocNameHere.doc"

Set appWord = New Word.Application
appWord.Documents.Open strFileName

appWord.Visible = True

Timer1.Enabled = True
End Sub

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()

'Set timer to say 5000 (Every 5 seconds etc)
End Sub

Thank you for your replies..:)

but i have other questions like can i apply these to other applications?? like photoshop, notepad, etc..??

Yes, you can. Just make sure they are referenced in you application. Their ".Save" might be a little different, but the same principals apply.

ah ok..thanks bro..i'll definitely try those suggestion of yours...

It's a pleasure. Let me know if you get any hiccups or errors. If none then please mark this as solved, thanks.:)