i have an project in my TYBSc-IT to make calculator
i dont understand how will my calculator will display its answers n also the expression on single text display as it is done in normal calculator which we people use daily
plzzzzzzzz help.......

[Just take one form.place all the button for number 1,2,3.. to 0.
and place the caption integer value for each command button.
additional take command button for all the operation like +,-,%
what ever you want.this is easy way to design a calculator.

which language u r using?

and what actually u want?

wat abt the coding behind that???????????????????????????

m leaning vb 6.0.........it hs graphics part n brhind that there ia some coading which i wanted to create calculator .........

What about using a hidden text box ?

Have you ever thought about that ?


Perhaps I should not suggest this, but there are many calculator projects out there. See http://www.pscode.com for some or search the web vb6 calculator.

Now, the reason I have doubts for suggesting the above is, I don't want you to plagiarize someone elses work, but if you look and learn from there code to create your own, well that is why you are taking the class right!

Good Luck