On the left is the dialog ran from VC++
On the right is run from my app


Why the version ran from my app lacks is:
Combo Box Options
Color, Design is from the 90's style

If I was not descriptive enough in my previous original post It was from my exhaustion and deprivation of sleep ^_^;

The problems I am having with my dialog boxes are that the style and look is that of the older versions of windows.

Also that the Items I set for my combo box do not appear nor are selectable when ran.

Everything only appears normal when I run it from visual studio 2010.

If you are using vc 6.0 then old fashioned UI u will get.
If u are using vc 2005(I dont know exact reason)and in project property if u use "character set" = Use Unicode Character Set then u will get ur dialog box's style as newer one.