Beginning development with SQL Server 2008, VB - Visual Studio 2008 on an application that will deploy laptops remotely for 6 months or more.
The laptops will have no network or internet connection.
There is a requirement to sync DB changes via shipment of USB flash drives.

The remote app will have a subset of the home database data.
Some tables need to be synced bi-directionally, some uni-directionally. When the laptop comes home, it will do one last sync, the local DB will be wiped, and it will connect to the home DB.

What would be the best approach to take for this?

Being that there are some identity key columns and the remote is only a subset of the the home, I am not sure that SQL Server replication or synchronization functions can be utilized.

Should I Create SQL Server Compact DB's on the remote system when it is deployed and do a table by table compare (in code) to another compact DB created on the flash drive when a sync is needed?


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