Java isn't easy, Java is deceptively easy.
Java is like guitar playing, it's easy to do poorly but hard to master.

lol, why do i get the feeling that u r replying JUST for the sake of replying?

EVERYTHING is hard to master, if it is even possible to fully "master" something.

but Java puts the programmer "in the game" faster and with a gentler learning curve than C++.

end of story.

I have been called a stupid poster here , and I wanted to know why ? That's all !!

You have been called nothing. There are 8 other posters in this thread. How can you tell I wasn't talking about one of them? Does the world actually revolve around you? And you didn't even start the thread!

I said "the generic stupid poster's" which means, if you bothered to think rather than feel guilty about your posts,
"Those posters that habitually post question any 2-week student understands, when given help they ask 'how do I do that', or simply say 'do my task for me, I can't be bothered to learn this'". If that's you, I'm sorry*. If that's not you, what are you complaining about?

I added that phrase to make sure no one took my statement personally. It didn't work. I wonder why.

commented: When Einstein said only 2% of the world's people were intelligent, he was sos damn correct. +2

Organisations hiring Java professionsals do. Smart people who yearn to write correct programs do.

That isn't so easy at all. It seems to be easy, but it ain't that much.

PS: Somebody please mark this thread as solved before we start discussing Perl, Python & LISP here. ;)

and what has that got to do with Java being easy to pick up, and is much easier than C++ as a whole? i'd love to see your next rant about pros and stuff. maybe not.

read the title: "student help".

u talk about programs, and concepts that pros need to know when the thread starter doesnt even know how to print a line on the console. this is really f-ing amusing, and that's putting it mildly.