I'd like a program that reads through one or more weather web pages and records information from them on a daily (or even hourly) basis. Is this kind of thing possible at all to create with python?

(Alternatively, if anyone knows of a program that already does this, or a weather site that has a really good archive or something, that would be great to know too. Although I'd still like to know if it is, in principle, possible with python!)


What you need is the urllib / urllib2

An example would be:

import urllib
print StrA

# urllib2 is just more recent and has more stability I guess

Module - urllib

Alternatively, there is a module available called PyMETAR. It shows weather info (VERY detailed weather info) from http://www.noaa.gov/ and http://www.weather.gov/

See the site here: http://www.schwarzvogel.de/software-pymetar.shtml

Or alternatively install the package python-pymetar (If on *nix)

Oooh, wow. I honestly didn't expect to get an answer in the positive here. Thanks, I'll try them out!