Hi im wanting to write a simple client server, i want the server to retrieve information from a SQL database by querying it for eg.

Public String getID(String ID){
SQL Query code
return ID;

that bits the easy bit i then want the client to have a simple GUI which you can type in the ID into a textfield and when the button is pressed it then returns the info thats connected to the ID in to a text area or other textfields i tried following this tutorial (http://www.slideshare.net/junyuo/a-short-java-socket-tutorial) but i couldn't get it to work but i was wanting something that worked similar to that but i have no idea where to start :/ any ideas thanks in advanced

i have been looking at the MVC model and thought this was perfect for what i was doing i have added a uml diagram and a sample gui but i still have no idea where to start :( thanks again