We are creating a Who wants to be a millionaire style game in VB. Our server is pulling information such as questions and answers from a Access Database and sending them to the contestants (Clients). All transfer of information is directly from the server to each client.

One of the "Life Lines" we want to use is "Ask a friend", where one client is able to Instant message another client for a short time to get help on the question.

If client 1 says "Is the answer Georgia?", we want the server to take this string and send it to client 2.

The Server/Client code we are using was found on this site
Since each client will be communicating with the server on different threads at different times, how can we have the server take information from one thread and send it to another thread?

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ok thats the website i said I already looked at. were using that code and i can connect multiple clients to the server. That works fine. But what if I want to send a message to ANOTHER CLIENT? I want it to be sent to the server, not appear on the server, then be sent to another client.

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