hi everyone......

am right now working on a project which needs to connect to vlc player from code....does libvlc support this or else if there is any other please let me know......

my another doubt is there any possibility(like any available APIs) that takes video file as an input and gives out RTP packets...

please help me out...

thank you......

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i think u didnt get my question.....my question is different ..... u are telling me to get connected by defining a "connect" method.....connect to what...?
to vlc.....

but what should be the parameters thats what my doubt is....and are there any API's which directly allows this functionality......

i heard libVLC wil do this....but thats too much for me to take....is anyone who really worked on libVLC or has idea in what i am asking..please do reply

i think i made clear what my point is all about


Well why aren't YOU looking around the VLC website, the VLC code base and the VLC forums, instead of trying to get us to do your reading for you.

We could spend hours or days trying to figure out what you want, only for you to dismiss it in a few lines with "nope, try again".


Thanks buddy for ur suggestion......
am trying even in those forums too.....
thats the reason i clearly mentioned in my question "those who worked on it" or "has some idea about it"

anyways thank you

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