hi please help me on this... Can someone help me, what is the essence or the use of this...hoping for your positive responds...



You need to read books for a complete detailed description of all those recordset types and mode of lock of recordset.

hi thanks for the reply can you give me link on this?..i don't have book on this i can't afford to buy on this book..hoping for your positive responds..thanks in advance

you can use the object browser in VB(i used 6.0) for getting shorter description... shortcut is F2 i think, but the best way to get detailed description is MSDN(i am telling about the installation package of the MSDN, not the online version which i have never used).

hi waltP can you teach how did you do that when i click the word this it will open google and it will search automatic just like what you did...you said let me google for you..can you share with me this?,,hoping for your positive responds.

You don't know how to use Google? The link I posted will teach you.

i know how to use google, i mean it automatic type eventhough i did not type for the keyword ..the cursor move by itself and then it type the keyword , how did you do that?,...hoping for your positive responds...

You don't. Unless your computer can read your mind, you need to type your question. I just happen to know high-level tricks.