hi ...

i want to send to MMS/SMS from PC(mobile phone connected via Usb cable ) to any mobile number at remote side using GPRS connection. this is a one module of my Final year project. please any one know any library in JAVA or C++ who works this,
kindly tell me ...

And i want to code this ... do not need any software having this faciality.... i will be thankful to you ..

thanx in advance ..

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thanx for replying ...

sir i have read these ... but i want to send it through GPRS network .... and i need code in any language java, c++ etc.

if u know please tell me .... or paste the links ..... waiting for ur response.....


thank GOD ...... i have done it ...... now if any one need help regarding this ..... i will help him/her.... mail me at <<snip>>

n any one from pakistan can call me ..... Inshallah i will help him .....

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L33t, mail...

please my Final year project is similar to your project and i want you to help me

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