I'm trying to make the code able to post in here


I've been successful in getting to read from the spreadsheet.

With this code if you're wondering:

import urllib
opener = urllib.FancyURLopener({})
f = opener.open("urlhere")
print f.read()

How to create a C/C++ console application which connects to MySQL database and inserts a new column of type varchar into a given table. Application should ask the user for table and new column name

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Ok, well I'm one step closer in figuring this out. I'm able now to submit the form, but all submissions are blank. Here is the code I have:

url = ('http://spreadsheets.google.com/formResponse?formkey=dEtSUVAtQVAtUVN1WDFPU3BEbm9yNkE6MA&ifq')
        post = raw_input('New Post: \n\n')
        data = urllib.urlencode([('query',post)])
        req = urllib2.Request(url)
        fd = urllib2.urlopen(req, data)
        while 1:
            data = fd.read(1024)
            if not len(data):
            print ("Successfully Entered!")
            print ('')

Ok I figured it out.

post = raw_input('New Post: \n\n')
        params = {'entry.0.single':post}
        data = urllib.urlencode(params)
        request = urllib2.Request(url,data)
        response = urllib2.urlopen(request)
        print ("Successfully Entered into Database")
        print ('')

But now..I have a problem. But not a python problem. Google docs does not automatically republish when theres new data. At least I don't know how. It only republishes when you make changes to the spreadsheet itself. Anybody know how to do it so it re-publishes on data?

K..all is good. Google republishes the data every 5 mins. That'll have to do for now I suppose