Does anyone know where I can find information about writing a java application for a file dump utility, a java program that will read a file and display the contents of the file in a byte by byte format? I am lost on this one.

Is there anything else about file dump utilities? I really don't know what it is exactly or the purpose of it.

so do some research of your own rather than just dumping your homework on us and expecting us to do it for you.

I am sorry, but I am not asking you guys to do my homework for me. I have been doing research before I even posted on this and there is very little information that I have found. I was just seeing if anyone can point me in a direction where I can look and read about. I don't need someone to do my homework for me, nobody learns anything that way. Thanks anyways.

you've not done any "research" whatsoever or you'd have easily found all the informatiion any reasonably sane and intelligent person needs.