Hello, i really don't know where to post this.
I will be making an application which hides text within the pixels of an image.
The language really doesn't matter .
//though it will be done in C#
Problem is, each image format (jpg,bmp,gif) has a certain structure, and a way of organizing data ( BMP has a 54-byte header, and the rest is actual pixel data).
Altering anything else than an image's pixel data, (header or anything else), will render it unusable. I need comprehensive information about each of the major image formats' (jpg,png,gif,tiff) structure, in order to correctly address the bytes of a certain image.
I've searched for this, but haven't yet been able to find what i looked for. Please help ! Thanks.

look better.
The file format specifications of most if not all major (and many minor) formats are freely available on the internet and not hard to find at all.
If you're a reasonably competent programmer (if you're not you have no bussiness even attempting something like this) you should have with those all the information you need to get started.