Hie all

I am trying to make my game playabel over a network, Client/Server. I have managed to design the game, i have also managed to create a chat program whereby all clients connect to the server and messeges sent are all received and updated by the server to all clients.

I am trying to make the game work the same way as the chat client/server, whereby the game is at the server side and the clients can guess the letters for words, the server then updates all clients and the clients will be able to see what the server sees.

I made the chat server/client using the raknet library, the game is functioning perfectly although not fully complete which reuires just a couple of if statements which i will implement. i am using the uDP protocol but will not mind using TCP.

i have tried incorporating the game with the server, when i connect to the server with a client it connects perfectly but when i input data at the client side nothing seemd to happen on at the server and also the client does not see the game.

Please help, any input or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I tried uploading all project files with libraries but the site keeps rejecting me if u want the full project files to take a look at send me ur email address. Thank You


well i havent done any network programming in C++ but yes i have made stuff in Java which encorparates networking i will see what i can do

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