please help..

a small airline wants you to create an automated reservation system.the system has to assign seats on each flight of the airline's only plane(capacity:10 seats).your program should display the ff. alternative choices: PLEASE TYPE 1 FOR "FIRST CLASS" \n PLEASE TYPE 2 FOR "ECONOMY".\n\n\n if the person types 1,then it should assigned seats in the first class section(seat 1 to 5). If the person types 2, then it should assign a seat in economy section(6 to 10). initialize all seats to zero indicating that the seats are empty.As each seat is assigned, set the corresponding seat to 1 indicating that the seat is taken.When the first class or economy is full,it should ask the person if he/she wants to transferred to economy or first class section. If yes, then make a necessary seat assignment. If no, then print the message "next flight leaves in 2 hrs".

can u give me the codes... :(

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