Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping someone can help me out with this...

I have:

Service 'A'
Service 'A' Client

Service 'B'
Service 'B' Client.

Client 'A' calls Service 'A' using certificate auth --> works fine
Client 'B' calls Service 'B' using certificate auth --> works fine.

Client 'A' calls Service 'A' which then calls Service 'B' with certificate from Client 'A' used in first call to Service 'A' using certificate auth --> does not work (see exception details below)

Note: For testing purposes, i also verified that Client 'A' can call Service 'B' directly.

Also: I'm using WCF Host (which appears to be running under my account)

Essentially, what i'm looking to do is "forward" the certificate to the next call.

Is this possible?


Exception Details:
SOAP security negotiation failed --> The certificate 'CN=asdfasdf' must have a private key. The process must have access rights for the private key.

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