hi there i have some python coding which i need to convert to java can ne1 help me please email me back if you can help then i will show you the coding much apprieciated or can ne1 give me some complted java code to look at

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this is a part of the program that i am having problems with can someone please help me

while (start)

String s;
JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null, "pick a number betweeb 1 and 100");
int num = Integer.random(LOWER_EASY, UPPER_EASY);
// print "For testing purposes the num generated is:",num
guess = getGuess(FIRST);
numGuesses = 1; // number of guesses made in this game
numGoes += 1;
numGuesses = 0
while (start)
 boolean carryOn = true;
 String s;
 int guess = Integer.parseInt(JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null,"pick a number between 1 and 100"));
 int num = Random.nextInt(UPPER_EASY-LOWER_EASY)+LOWER_EASY; //range between LOWER_EASY and UPPER_EASY
 System.out.println("For testing purposes the num generated is: "+num);

thank alot really helped me out

the coding didnt work im still gettting errors would u like too see the full program?????

I don't know Python, so anything python specific I can't really help you out with. Are you having trouble with syntax or just finding the proper relative commands?

its the latter im jus conmfused on it thanks anyway

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