I am trying to get this function to work...

int error(const char* s)
	int f=1;
        while (*s!='/0')
return f;

I want to find out if in the string tat i am passing there is a character "/"....But i am getting a runtime error....wat am i doing wrong? Kindly help..
Thanks in advance...

Edited 6 Years Ago by wtvrinc: bad indentation

Well for 10 lines of code, the indentation sucks.
Is the rest of your code an unreadable mess?

Do you get any warnings when you compile?

$ gcc -W -Wall -O2 -c foo.c
foo.c:5:14: warning: multi-character character constant
foo.c: In function ‘error’:
foo.c:5: warning: comparison is always true due to limited range of data type

Hint: consider the difference between /0 and \0

No, i did not get any warnings....It just encounters error while executing...However if i use "a" or some letter instead of "/"...i am not getting error...

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