Hi all,
i'm writing this code that will prompt the user for a cstring of 25 chars...store it and prompt a char to find...then with a function search for that char from the cstring.

i got it working with a while loop, but only if i enter a char thats part of the cstring. if i enter a character that's not part of the cstring, that is invalid, i can't figure that out in the loop?

int find(char* p_cString, char valueToFind)
	char* currentElementPtr = p_cString;
	currentElementPtr = strchr (p_cString, valueToFind);
	while (currentElementPtr != NULL)
		cout << "\n\nSearch resulted in index of " << (currentElementPtr - p_cString) << ".\n";
		currentElementPtr = strchr (currentElementPtr + 1, valueToFind);
		cout << "(any number outside of 0 to " << cStringLength(p_cString);
		cout <<	" means that '" << valueToFind << "' does not exist in\n\"";
		cout << p_cString << "\")"".\n\n";
	return 0;

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Unless I misread what you need I think you are complicating things a bit more than needed. Try something like the following (I'll let you flesh it out):

for (int i = 0;p_cString[i] !='\0';i++)
	if(p_cString[i] == valueToFind)

Since you know the length of your string you could use that as a limit on i also. This way you can display to the user the number of timse the character came up and its position each time.

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