I've playing with pygame a little and reading about it and i tried to make a simple rock paper scrissors game. I can't seem to get fullscreen working. Everything i've tried or read didnt work. Can u please help me? thanks

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I need some idea what you have done so far, so I can help!

All im trying to do is get a blank full screen. I don't really need it i was just wondering how u do it.

I used to play around with SDL in my C++ days. PyGame is based on SDL. I know in C++ you can use something like ...

SDL_Surface *screen;

screen = SDL_SetVideoMode(800, 600, 32, SDL_HWSURFACE | SDL_RESIZABLE);

This should have carried over to PyGame. You might use something like this ...

import  pygame

# change to whatever your full screen size might be
size = width, height = 800, 600
screen = pygame.display.set_mode(size)

in pygame it's:

import pygame
from pygame.locals import * #need this for 'FULLSCREEN' value

also - make sure you include code to quit the app or you won't get out. (ev.type==QUIT doesnt work in fullscreen, and locked up my mac, win or linux may be different)

you put like this when you make the screen:

screen = pygame.display.set_mode((0,0), pygame.FULLSCREEN)

It worked for me

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