Hii friends.. this is uday here.. i'm new to Daniweb.. I want to learn programming in C .. Pls can u guide me hw cud i b a good programmer?....

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Hi Uday,

A good practice is to google/bing/<search engine of your choice> for your request first. Quite often, you would find what you are looking for.

A search on google (here) will direct you to various sites that will start with a simple Hello World program, and allow you to learn more and more.

Also, please avoid using bold unless absolutely necessary.



1) "Beginning C Programming" by Ivor Horton - fine book!

2) Many on-line tutorials, like the one on this very site (right hand side)-->

3) Keep reading a couple good and busy, C forums. You'll pick up a lot, and keep from forgetting what you've already learned.

4) Find little puzzles and problems on the forums, and try to make a small program to solve the posters question or problem, if it seems about at your level.

And welcome! :)

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