I am accessing the mysql DB via TOAD and I am getting the below error

"MySQL Database error - select command denied to user for table 'proc'"

When I click on the Procedures I dont see the list of SP's and see this error.

When I execute the below script, it reflects all the procedures in the DB.

select * from information_schema.routines

How do I aleviate this issue and compile procedures

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Are you getting this error from within TOAD? If so, you might want to try posting on the products own forums as its unlikely you will get product specific help here.
The error message itself is pretty straight forward, the user you are connecting to the database with does not have permissions to run SELECT statements on the table called 'proc'. Check that the username you are using has the required permissions on the database.

* The process attempts to perform a SELECT statement on the 'proc' table. The 'proc' table is a system table which retains the procedures of all users on that mysql instance. On shared hosting, allowing userA to see the procedures of userB, which would include information about table structure, etc., would be considered breach of security.

* A workaround has been documented on several mysql resources which indicates this can be fixed by adding "Use Procedure Bodies=false;" to the connection string, i.e.:

* "server=localhost; user id=dbuser; password=password; database=dbname; Use Procedure Bodies=false;"

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