I need yours help...

I have an text file like this
A (B) A B
(C)(A) D
D (A) C D
(A)(D) C

Some letters are A , others are (A) and other [A].
I need to read it 3 by 3 chars at each time and put it into an struct.
typedef Struct sTable{
char letter;
char color;
if letter comes with space before and after is color=nome, if comes (A) its color=white and [A] its color=black;
For color i use none=n, black=b, and white=w.
Can some one help me as fast as it could.

Best regards


Sure. Write some code, try to do what you are asked to do. And if it doesn't work, post it here and explain as much as you can about what you did and what went wrong. Don't forget to follow the Member Rules.