I am using ppm shell to install a perl module in windows. I have set http_proxy=http://localhost:8080. I don't have proxy server i am using TATA Indicom Connection.

When i tried connecting and downloading perl module i got error like this:

ppm> install Mail::Sendmail
Downloading Mail-Sendmail-0.79...failed 500 Can't connect to localhost:8080 (con
nect: Unknown error)
ppm install failed: 500 Can't connect to localhost:8080 (connect: Unknown error)

How can i install modules using ppm?

I tried with nmake but i got confused with nmake not able to install nmake also.

Any suggestions??


Did you try ppm before you set the http_proxy environment variable? When I was using Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit I used ppm without knowing anything about an http_proxy and it connected OK, probably because I don't have a proxy server. Since you say you don't have a proxy server either, maybe your http_proxy variable should not be set to any value? Maybe try deleting the http_proxy environment variable by entering SET "http_proxy=" on the command line of the cmd.exe window before starting up ppm? Just guessing.