hello every body >>

i wana help to answer the question in the atteched file .

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Forget it, it's just a crummy word document in the zip file - no code at all.

Ok, let's make your 50th post something along the lines of:
"Yes, I have read the forum rules and here is my honest best effort at solving part of the problem".

thanx for ur replay , and i think i dont do any thing wrong . i am just put a topic for participation and discussion .

So participate by you doing some of the work first, THEN asking a specific question about where you're stuck.

Because what it looks like is a homework dump.

it's not a homework .

come on ,, no one want to help me

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it's not a homework .

come on ,, no one want to help me

I want to help you, but you will also need to understand:

1) Obviously, this is an assignment, of some kind. Which is fine, btw.

2) On forums, post up your info, don't attach it as a zip file. Your document only has a few short lines on it, in total. You should post it up in plain text.

3) You need to post up your start on this code. Even if it's a humble start, you need to post it up, first and then we can get started. We're not people who DO your assignments (well, not usually. Sometimes they're so simple we really have to.). What we do is HELP you to do your program. (doesn't matter if it's an assignment, homework, project, hobby, whatever). We aren't going to do it for you.

So, get busy, and post up what you have. Tell us what compiler you are using, and does it have these functions, like setcolor() or SETCOLOR() ?

it's not a homework .


you posted a file called "LabAssignment.doc" . Which wants you to use lame-ass <graphics.h> librayr, Turbo C style, to draw some basic pictures.

Sorry, but we're not as dumb as you look.

come on ,, no one want to help me

ya think???

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