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how can i create like that program but i need to have more questions and i dont nid to use the life time because lifetime is dificult so please help me or give me a program to use in our c++ subject here in MAPUA. please i nid it before this friday, march 19, 2010. please rply asap!!ty so much.. please send it to my email.i just nid a simple program cause i am still a freshmen. [[I]snipped[/I]] this is email.please use if else so that i can defend it and use random for the questions. ty

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1) Speak English. nid? Use sentences. Violation of the Rules.
2) Give you code? Why should we do something you're not willing to do? What's in it for us? Violation of the Rules.
3) ASAP? What makes you so blamed important? All these other member's posts are less important than your program? Why?
4) email? Why should you get special treatment? Violation of the Rules.
5) Special treatment because you're a freshman? No wonder upper classmen dislike freshmen -- they're primadonnas.
6) How can you possibly defend something you didn't write?

hmm.. can you give me the codes for the game/program who wants to be a millionaire ? dis is my final requirment in my subject turboc++ plss help us ?? have mercy? plss..? so dat we can pass and to procede 2ndyr colej plss.? Godbless you all.
dis is my email ad : [email]snipped[/email] plss send it to me as soon as possible deadline is on march 22 thank you !!

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