hi i was wondering if anyone could help me i have created a SELECT FROM WHERE query to perform a search here is my code

SELECT EmployeeID, DepartmentID, Forename, Surname, Role, Email, Telephone, Extension, Mobile, Photo FROM Employees
WHERE (Forename = ? or ? = '') and (Surname = ? or ? = '') and (Role = ? or ? = '')

i have then put the folllowing code to rung the query within my form

Me.EmployeesTableAdapter.FillByName(Me.myDataSet.Employees, Me.ForenameTextBox.Text, Me.ForenameTextBox.Text, Me.SurnameTextBox.Text, Me.SurnameTextBox.Text, Me.RoleTextBox.Text, Me.RoleTextBox.Text)

when i search by forename or surname it works fine but when i search by role i get this error..oledbException occured No value given for one or more required parameters.
i was wondering if anyone can see where im going wrong?

Uhmmmm well I don't see anything strange, maybe you can try with only one pair of parameters at a time