Hi gusy,

Can any one suggest , how to install DBD::mysql on windows mechine. (Its eating my head). I tried all the possible ways , but its not installing.

1) I tried to install directly from cpan , failed
2) manually downloaded, and tried to install, still failing : showing the error like this . you have no gcc compiler in your path. So unable to install.

other DBD modules are already installed why not mysql.

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Do you have a package manager? If you have ActivePerl from ActiveState then you probably have PPM. Just type ppm at the command prompt and PPM starts up with a GUI. I don't know if that will solve the problem, but package managers are an alternative way to install binaries while automatically notifying you of dependencies (if any).


Same problem. I'm using SBS 2003 SP1. ActivePerl 5.10. My system does not have internet access, but I've created a local repository. PPM shows the module waiting for installation. When I run 'ppm install dbd-mysql' (v4.014) it completes without error, but there's no mysql.pm anywhere under DBD or DBI.

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