Hello everyone,

I am C++ beginner and I have a basic questions regarding classes

Referring to the code below, I am trying to access x and y from the coordinate class in method abc after having run the place method.

I hope this is clear

Here is my code:

class coordinate

friend class closedcurve;

    coordinate() {}
    coordinate(double xin,double yin) {x=xin;y=yin;}
    double x;
    double y;
    double getx() { return x; }
    double gety() { return y; }
    friend void place(double a);


class circle
    circle(double a);
    double area();
    double circumference();
    coordinate place(double a);

coordinate square::place(double a)
... some code

return coordinate(xa,xb);

void square::abc(double b)


how do i access x and y from the coordinate class in here??

coordinate blah = place(b);
double x = blah.getx();
double y = blah.gety();

I hope this is what you need. Also, make member variables x and y of class coordinate private or protected.