how could i make a program that does not need to be active but will record the screen, mouse movement, and key presses and will display it all when the user wants to and it is password protected and can have it all sent to another of its programs on another computer? just 4 background info, im not trying to make a keylogging program to hack people, my cousin is asking me if i could try to make a program to do this because he wants to know what his son is doing.

hmm, you must to work hard for this

fine, dont help my cousin, actuallly, your probably right, this is a stupid question, lol. although it would be nice to learn how to record the mouse movements:) like the game ummmm curser * 10 or something like that, its a flash which means its way out of my programming abilities, h/o let me find a link
could you guys tell me how to do the mouse thing now thinking about it, that would be kinda cool to make a game similar to this. now if only i could change the title of this thread to ask this question because i dont want to spam the threads page so im continuing this question on to here

Be careful with what you wish for. If you record all the mouse activity, the current position of the X and Y axis you could easily over load the cache and potentially crash a computer. Keystrokes and Mouse location and clicks can and to qualify as "KEYLOGGERS" and therefore most people aren't going to help someone build it.

actually i gave up on the recording of all keystrokes like the first couple posts, my uncle found something for my cousin so i dont care now about that, though i am trying to make something similar to that game just to record the movements inside it and for only a short period of time then to replay it, so far all i can do is find where the mouse hovers and where it clicks, lol, not even when it clicks buttons, i still dont know how to record it to play it back right next to your mouse:( do you know?

well... i cant open, it says file lost or currupted for me, plus even if i did open, i only use 2003 so i prob couldnt open it lol

huh?? i was tried to download this file and its working. sorry but i don't have a file for 2003. lol

for me it keeps saying "Compressed (zipped) file is invalid or corupted"

i tryed but... im just not handy enouph with vb to get it to work :( i will keep trying to do it though, but i just dont understand any of that coding. and i cant see the source code there either cause it tells me it is courupted, is it just my computer? wow, i went back and tried to open that other zipped file again, for the fith time, and it worked! when i tried to convert to 2003 tho, it like isnt working, there are like 10 things that didnt convert right or something. and is the form supose to be blank?