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Hi everyone!

Sorry for the novel but I don't want to waste anyone's time by not explaining what I have already tried before they try it too...

So I just installed Blender which requires Python 2.6 but I'm learning Python 3.1 at the moment. I've never programmed before but I would like to start with the most up to date version instead of living in the past.

I have now installed (in the following order) these programs:
*64-bit Python 3.1
*32-bit Blender
*64-bit Python 2.6

I had the System Variable (PYTHONPATH) set to run Python 3.1 at the command line. It seems that because of this, Blender can't find Python 2.6 and so I changed the System Variable (PYTHONPATH) to Python 2.6 which lets Blender work fine but I can no longer call "python" at the command line or run my ".py" files without getting an error along the lines of "Runtime requested the application be terminated in an unusual way."

Note: I added several values to the System Variable (PYTHONPATH) such as "C:\Program Files\Python26\lib\lib-tk" etc. etc. and tried a few different approaches so I'm well and truly stumped :(

Does anyone know a way that I can still have Python 3.1 on command line and when I execute my ".py" files but still have Blender know where to find 2.6?

Thanks :cool:

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I would simply stick with 32bit versions of Python.

And Python 2.x is not compatible with 3.x So install both version and set your IDE to Python 3 which you are learning and let blender happily use 2.x If you want to learn with blender wait for version compatible with 3.x

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So they are both installed but how to I set IDLE to only use 3.1 instead of just crashing when I open it?

@vegaseat Do you think that having 64bit Python is preventing Blender from finding it?

I use this little batch file to force IDLE to work with Python 3.1.1

REM batch file to force IDLE to run with Python 3.1
REM save as IDLE31.bat
C:\Python31\Pythonw.exe -u C:\Python31\Lib\idlelib\idle.pyw

For discussion on 32bit versus 64bit see:

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