Hello Daniweb :)
I am currently doing a programming assignment for college and have hit a brick wall. I am getting an error while trying to fill a combo box.

Private Sub Form_Load()

    'Fill the Network List

    With adoNetwork.Recordset
    Do Until .EOF
            If !Networks <> "" Then
                cboFilterNetwork.AddItem !Networks
            End If
    End With
End Sub

VB6 says the error is at Do Until .EOF, this code is exactly the same as a previous program we did in class, but no matter what I have done it simply will not work.

Any help at all will be appreciated

Thank you


EDIT: Nevermind I fixed it, think the error was a simple typo, deserve it for doing college work at 4am I guess

Good that you have solved your problem.

With testObject
.Height = 100
.Text = "Hello, World"
.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.Green
.Font = New System.Drawing.Font(.Font,
End With