Im new to VB. Im just trying to do a simple if statement that will open a specific form based on user input. The database requires me to scan in a barcode from a card. I then want to check if that barcode number is already in the database. to do this i have tried the following code.

Private Sub Barcode_AfterUpdate()
Dim curDatabase As Object
Dim tblStore_Barcode As Object
Dim tblPersonal As Object

Set curDatabase = CurrentDb
Set tblStore_Barcode = curDatabase.TableDefs("Store_Barcode")
Set tblPersonal = curDatabase.TableDefs("Personal")

If [Store_Barcode]![Barcode] = [Personal]![Barcode] Then
DoCmd.OpenForm (Personal_2)
DoCmd.OpenForm (Personal)
End If
End Sub

I recieve the Run time error 13 - type mismatch

If [Store_Barcode]![Barcode] = [Personal]![Barcode] Then

This is the line that is highlighted. Any ideas why it is doing this?

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Please check the data type of the fields 'Barcode' in both table, the Personal and the Store_Barcode. The data type of the two must be the same, example the Barcode in Personal is in Integer data type and the other is in "Text/Char" data type, then it would really return an Error.

The datatype is the same for both. I made sure of that before i attempted writing the code, and i have since checked it several times to be sure.

I believe the problem is with the actual syntax. However i dont know why it is doing this.

Any ideas guys?

Unless the two tables are exact (TableDefs) then they... Is this VBA?

try to remove the bracket "[]"

If [Store_Barcode]![Barcode] = [Personal]![Barcode] Then

or try to look the value if it is DBNull. dbnull is not a string type in which if you will try to use it in comparison of strings it would throw an exception error...

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