hi! gud day! Here is my problem. Can you help me on how to make a monthly report?? im doing a Payment System of a school here in our place. as our Project. and can you help me on how to hide columns and rows of a datagrid also how to sort records on it?? im using a ADODB...

What type of Reports you are using? Crystal Report or just simple Datareport which is available in VB.

To hide rows and columns in a "bound" data grid, you use the select statement to restrict the number of columns and the where clause of that select statement to restrict the rows returned and finally use the option order by keywords to order the returned data. Otherwise, using your friends (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) and searching for vb6 data grid tutorial will find you all the answers you need.

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Have a look at the attachment. It covers access database, grid AND reports - Hope this helps.

This is not my own code. I have just changed some as I needed at the time.

Only a simple Datareport in VB.

Thank you... uhm, can you show me some codes? tnx.

Thanks a lot... god bless..

Only a simple Datareport in VB.

do you know how to make data report? if yes then what kind of monthly report you want?

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