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this is it:

----The New telephone company has the following rate structure for long-distance calls
8:00 am (0800 hours) is discounted 50%

----any call started or after 8:00 am () but before 6:00 pm (1800 hours) is charge full price.

----all calls are subject to 4% federal tax.

----the regular rate for a call is $0.40 per minute.

----any longer than 60 mins. receives a 15% discount on its cost (after any other discount is subtracted before tax is added).

Write a program that reads the start time for a call based on 24 hour clock and the length of the call. The gross cost (before any discounts or tax) should be printed followed by the net cost (after discounts are deducted and tax is added). Use separate functions to print instructions to the program user and to compute the net cost.

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Yes, you should do it yourself. Afterall, its your grades, not ours. I for one could care less whether you pass or fail that course.


i had best opt for you.
draw tree structure and design layout.
okay, tried to make loop for calling summation.
make function() named bills_, make do-while loop using 'if else()' for arranging call type. make const flag=0 (for call started or after 8:00 am () but before 6:00 pm (1800 hours) ) make it full charged, and after that make flag=billtype_ and for billtype_ function use if else .
Make with patient God will help you.


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