I urgently need the following information and techniques on how to:

1. disable input in a field text box and automatically increment the same namely a numeric primary key field (viz. StudentID) by 1 at the issuing of a blank/new record. The Database method is DATA BINDING and ACCESS.

2. add an input text box (a query) asking for a Student name or Student Code and the program to automatically look and highlight the name in a data grid (Database Method: Data Binding).

3. bind code and data binding techniques in a program

The program I am doing is marking system program involving the calculation of marks for 24 modules for 2 years.... if anybody has an idea how to plan the database would be a great help. I am finding myself with a table containing such 169 field!!!

4. how to create a field (say field 3) that automatically do some calculation with Field 1 and Field 2 i.e Field 1/Field 2 x 100 to convert marks into percentage.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,


Showing your code might help. This is not a right way to ask for help. You might want to read Daniweb rules and homework policy ~We only give homework help to those who show effort~ if you run into problems and want to ask for help here.

The problem is that I am working using data binding. I have an access database with various tables such as Students, Trainers, Cohort, Marking and so on. In addition, I have the numerous forms that I have created for the user interface. So far there is little or no code. The field are dragged from the database table or data set to the form, and the overall amount of fields arranged in a custom way act like a view/add/modify form...so far I'm focusing on the view only.

I am not asking you to do my homework but looking for guidelines and hints.

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