hi all

I am creating a Visual basic gui which shows an databse which has been created by using the microsft access database feature within visual basic 6.

here is the problem i am close to hanfing in my project when i try and use the .exe on another computer it doesent let it run the database .

is there any way to set it so it can work on any named drives example, A: C: D: E:

Plz Help


To begin with, did you just copy the exe or did you make an install package with the PDW, Inno, Windows Installer 1.1, or other installation package? Second, are you using App.Path as part of your connection string? Third, what OS? Fourth, see this for some valuable information... http://www.vbforums.com/showthread.php?t=456795 and don't forget to follow the links...

Good Luck

if the exe not run, I think it show a error massage or others. you need to say it. another thing is important what vb5prgrmr said.

Hi hinks,
Use vb5prgrmr's second option. i.e. using App.Path as a part of connection string.
To be more on this, make sure that your database is in same folder where your .exe file resides. Then use App.path as a part of connection string.
Using this should help you.