hi all,
thanks for viewing this post..
i have a java constant class for label and button

public class ButtonConstant {
    public static final String EXIT=ButtonConstant.getString("BUTTON_CONTENT");
  private static String getString(final String key) {
	    System.out.println("inside buttonconstant");
  	return new LocaleHelper().getString(key);

here the button content is the key which is got frm a property file
In the same way a constant class for label too.

public class LocaleHelper {

	private static final String BUNDLE_NAME = "locale.LabelsBundle";
	private static ResourceBundle resourceBundle = null;
	public String getString(String key) {
		try {
            return resourceBundle.getString(key);
        } catch (MissingResourceException e) {
            return '!' + key + '!';

	public void loadResourceBundle(Locale locale){
		System.out.println("locale passed:::"+locale);
		resourceBundle = ResourceBundle.getBundle(BUNDLE_NAME,locale);
		System.out.println("locale present:::"+resourceBundle.getLocale());


localehelper is the class which is used to get the value from the property file.

and my main code is that i have created a combo box with two locales and this locale is passed to the locale helper class and the locale will set to the resource bundle.
and my question is as i have declared
public static final String EXIT=ButtonConstant.getString("BUTTON_CONTENT");
as final when i click for first locale the corresponding label and button gets to the repective values but when i click the second locale the value doesnt get change this is because of tat final keyword.
i have tried it with removing the final keyword and i got the output. but my situation is the final keyword should be their and the value should change.
can anyone give me any idea.thanks in advance

as final

I would suggest to remove the final and make it private. Then add a public method that returns its value.

private static String EXIT=ButtonConstant.getString("BUTTON_CONTENT");

public static String getEXIT() {
  return EXIT;

With that way the value changes, but no one can change it programmatically

If this doesn't work, I think it won't, you can try this:

public static String EXIT() {
  return ButtonConstant.getString("BUTTON_CONTENT");