hello friends...started to learn python and have covered the basic stuff and some silly gui stuff...i currently have some time so i thought why not prepare a app in python with some killer gui..now java has swing which can be modified to make such GUI...so is there anything which can solve this purpose...plz lemme know...Thanks..

if you have python 2k then there are lots of choices (look at pypy)
like Tkinter, pygame and WXPython, if you have python 3k then look at this

There is also a killer search form at the top of this page, you can type 'python gui" and hit the "Search Site" button. There are many threads with this same question in the python forum.

i dont want to don anything under widows...i need to code for linux only..m planning to use linux specific API's...also...u must be aware of java...way u can modify swing to get shadows and different colours on buttons and toolbars..thats what i wnt to do...

PyQt and PyGTK work on linux. The latter may not be as customizable as the former though, since GTK rather uses the user's theme for customization.

I hope when you go about making your "killer gui" you don't customize it to the extent that it becomes unusable.