Please let me know how to install nasm in ubuntu? And later how to write a assembly code in it and compile and run it.
Please help. I tried using ./configure to install it, but it didn't work.

> I tried using ./configure to install it, but it didn't work.
Do you go to a doctor and just say "it hurts" and then expect a cure?

Or do you offer up some additional information which might actually help your doctor to figure out what is wrong with you.

In other words, post your install log and the error messages!

I wrote a code as simple as this one, (as i am used to masm programming and i dont know NASM programming format at all, its not even given in the standard NASM manual)

mov ax,0ah
add bx,ax
int 03h

i compiled this using 'nasm filename.asm' to which i got following error,
attempt to define a local label before any non local labels.

When i removed the line .code from it, i got warning 'label alone on a line without a colon might be in error.

Basically I dont know how to write a code in nasm. I know only masm. Could you please provide me a simple code in nasm(windows version 6.1) and later steps to
1. LINK it
2. DEBUG it
3. RUN it

I am at a very basic level, a know the assembly code but dont know the format of executing it in NASM.(I know only in MASM).
Please provide a solution.

Thank you.