dear programmer
A pharmacy needs to automate drug inventory management system. Every drug has chemical Name, Chemical Composition, date of manufauturing, expiry date, and courtry of origin, quantity, category and others.
the pharmacy has a policy to dispose expired drug before use. however, it is not an easy task to identify such drugs using the current manual system.
the current system caused the problems
- lose of capital because of expired drugs
-the life of patients is endanger because of the medicine about to expire
Inorder to minimize lose caused due to the random selling of items, the pharmacy enforce every pharmacist to sell first/early purchased drug and/or the one to be expired soon before the later once.
the system should deliver the following functionality:
1. registration of new drug
2. sell the drug based on their entry and/or their expiry date(the latest the expiry date of the drug the first to be sold)
3. search for drug based on chemical name.
4. search for drug based on country of origin(you may have found more drugs that has the same country of origin, so the function to should list all drug with stated origin)
5. Remove sold drug and adjust the total quantity in the store.
6. Display list of drug based on increasing order of expiry date.
7. Display total quantity of each drug in the stock.
Can u help me do this before 14th of july on thurday, please can u do it with linked list and/or Queue in C++.
thank u for your help.

Will I receive college credit for doing this work?

How about you do it yourself and then come here when you have problems.

i think this is the forum where ppl shud try out some stuff and then come and solve their problemsif any.. its not a place to get ur homework done..

but i don't know how to do it i was hoping someone could help me out here plz
at least a few points ok

>but i don't know how to do it
Then you deserve a failing grade. Seriously, if you get far enough into a course to be assigned such a non-trivial program, and you don't have any clue how to do it, then you didn't pay attention, didn't take notes, didn't study, and you can reap what you sow. We won't help you cheat because you were too lazy to care about your grades.

By the way, I'm locking this thread. If you feel I've done so in error, feel free to send me a private message.

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