Hi, i am currently developing a standalone aplication in python, i am very new in this language so i don't know much of it... I need your help, i need to know a way to communicate python and AS3 so i can move the animations with some data that comes from the python program into the GUI displaying the flash movies.... but it is not a web development... I hope there is a way...


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I don't know about direct communication between flash and python, but here is a link to a post I made a couple of months ago which contains a link to, and some info about a python script that populates an xml file which is used by a little flash app.

Basically the python script in the example in the link in my post monitors the open windows on your pc and logs the amount of time a particular application has the primary focus. The python script periodically writes out data to an XML file.
There is also a flash file which reads the XML file and produces a pie-chart highlighting each program window that has been opened since the python script was started and how much time each application has had the focus.

I know flash files can communicate directly with javascript using the fscommand external interface routines. But as mentioned, I'm unaware of any way of directly communicating between flash and python (it may be possible, but I've personally not seen anything yet!).

However, the XML route is certainly one way to go with Python!
If the python script regularly updates the XML file, you could always set up a timer to time when to reload the XML file and perform any processing required on the data from the XML.

Cheers for now,

p.s. Just out of curiousity, are you planning on doing this as an Adobe AIR application? Or as a locally run/local filesystem based, non-networked flash application?

Thanks a lot for the answer.... i am doing this as a locally run/local filesystem based, non-networked flash application :) i hope it works out

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