Hi Im a bit new here and i have been learning programming for a while now.
But i just started to learn asm.
I've been all over the internet to find how to build a simple os.
But there is not much information that is related to my problum so i am trying a forum.
My question is...
How do i create a working os?
That may sound very silly but i want to know how i've tryed everything i know about but i want to type it up on asm then put it on a cd a put into my computer and reboot it and it pops up like linux.
and can some one explain how to create a simple boot loader and how do i use this with c.

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Im trying to create a simple OS in ASM but all the information i've found is not very helpful i was wondering if anyone would help me.
I have been learning C for a while now how would i use that in ASM too for my OS.

Thanks but how do I create an .iso image too.
Would anyone know how to so I can reboot my computer and run it there like...

the tutorial there uses bochs as an emulator- its what i use and yo can run it on the same box as your development- its very fast and easy to use and you can just keep it as a .bin

Alright I'll try that but where is the directory in bochs to put the .bin file?

alright heres how I did it---download bochs and then open up a terminal in the directory you have all your files. create a file called bochsrc (no .txt) and copy-paste this into it: http://pastebin.com/DxGJMZuc
changing the filename to the location of your .bin file
while in the directory type in bochs and the default command should be (6) which is start emulation- just press enter and it should run! btw are you using windows or something else because i am using freebsd and thats how i did it on that- i dont expect any problems.
ps. once it gets into the kernel he will offer you a program called makeboot which concatenates your bootloader.bin and kernel.bin - however when I compiled it it segfaulted so when you get there just respond and I'll give you the source code for mine- which works fine

actually if you are using windows dont copy that into your bochsrc go into your working directory press bochs then enter then 4 then enter when you get back to the main menu press 7 go into bochsrc (or whatever its called) and add this:

boot: floppy
floppy_bootsig_check: disabled=0
# no floppya
floppya: 1_44=found.img, status=inserted
boot: a
# no floppyb

at the bottom

Thanks alot I can run it now and I am building a c kernal now...

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