I posted a couple of days ago about this subject but I have a more specific question about programming with music in c. My main question is that are the ID3v1/ID3v2 tags universal for ALL music files or are there a specific tags I should be checking for, for a specific file types (such as APEv1 for .ape).

Are ID3v* tags universal or specific for some file types? Also, can someone list specific tags that go with specific file types?

Thanks a lot!

ID3 are far more commonly used for music files than APE, but it depends on who tagged the file. theres no way to enforce which tag someone uses. so, you can just look for one tag type, or you can look for multiple.

depends on how versatile you want your program to be and how much extra work you want to do.

overall, it's not hard. just look for the IDE specific tags at the end of the file. or APE tags at the front.

either they are there, or they aren't.

you know how the tags are formatted and where they are located (generally) by their specifications. it's really pretty cut and dried.


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