I am trying to create this password storing desktop application.
So,I'll need to save all the usernames and passwords the user wants to store in a file and encrypt it,so no one can read from it.
I can write an encryption class,but I'm afraid it will become very basic as I have no previous knowledge or experience in this.

So,can you suggest what stuff I have to read to get a good a idea of how I can write a quality encryption class.What topics must I read?Any good relevant books?Good Links?
Please throw them at me.Thanks:)

Encryption is not a matter of "read a book and you can write a quality encryption scheme" there are extensive subjects to the matter.

It is always dangerous as a non-encryption-expert to create a encryption scheme, just use an existing encryption library, and don't say it will be less secure because it is a popular library so a lot of people have already attempted/succeeded to crack it.