I have this code that I am using in C# calling a Response.Write to call another aspx page within a frame.

Response.Write("<script language=javascript>parent.Frame.location.href('detail_search.aspx?NameOrCat=1&strFor="+strName+"&catDesc="+strCategory+"&clickedButton=0&Where="+this.WhereSelect.SelectedValue+"&searchOption="+this.rbtnStartsContains.SelectedValue.ToString()+"&section_id="+this.ddwnSection.SelectedValue.ToString()+"');</script>");

This logic works on explore 6.0 but I can not figure out why it does not work on explore 5.0 and explore mac.

Does anyone know how I could fix this problem?

Thank you very much...

Thanks very much for your response.

I am sorry but I posted the incorrect code.

In my javascript I am using "parent.location.href". This works on "explore 6.0" but not on "explore 5.0" or "explore mac". What am I doing wrong.

Response.Write("<script language=javascript>parent.location.href('detail_search.aspx?NameOrCat=1&strFor="+strName+"&catDesc="+strCategory+"&clickedButton=0&Where="+this.WhereSelect.SelectedValue+"&searchOption="+this.rbtnStartsContains.SelectedValue.ToString()+"&section_id="+this.ddwnSection.SelectedValue.ToString()+"');</script>");


Thanks again Eddie I found out how to fix the problem.

I just need to update my explore 5.0 to a later version.