Please i want the solution for this problem by C# console application

Users of the system should be able to retrieve flight information between two given cities with the given dates/times of travel from binary I/O files. Each flight involves departure airport and arrival airport. The system will support two types of user privileges , Customer and Employee. Customers will have access to customer functions, and the employees will have access to both customer and flight management functions.

 The customer should be able to do the following functions:

 Make a new reservation.
1) One-way
2) Round-Trip
3) Confirmation
 Cancel an existing reservation.
 View his travel route .

 The Employee should have following management functionalities:

 Customer functions.
 Reporting:

1) Get all customers who have seats reserved on a given flight.
2) Get all flights for a given airport.
3) View flight schedule (.
4) Calculate total sales for a given flight.

 Administrative:

1) Add/Delete a flight.
2) Add a new airport.
3) Update fare for flights.
4) Update departure/arrival times for flight leg instances.

Each flight has a limited number of available seats. There are number of flights that go from/to different cities at different dates and time.

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