Please i want the solution for this problem by C# console application

Users of the system should be able to retrieve flight information between two given cities with the given dates/times of travel from binary I/O files. Each flight involves departure airport and arrival airport. The system will support two types of user privileges , Customer and Employee. Customers will have access to customer functions, and the employees will have access to both customer and flight management functions.

 The customer should be able to do the following functions:

 Make a new reservation.
1) One-way
2) Round-Trip
3) Confirmation
 Cancel an existing reservation.
 View his travel route .

 The Employee should have following management functionalities:

 Customer functions.
 Reporting:

1) Get all customers who have seats reserved on a given flight.
2) Get all flights for a given airport.
3) View flight schedule (.
4) Calculate total sales for a given flight.

 Administrative:

1) Add/Delete a flight.
2) Add a new airport.
3) Update fare for flights.
4) Update departure/arrival times for flight leg instances.

Each flight has a limited number of available seats. There are number of flights that go from/to different cities at different dates and time.

Here's why your "I want" is going to fall on deaf ears.

If you want it badly enough, make an effort.

Otherwise, just drop the course now and stop sucking the life out of whatever class you're in.

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