I know the code for sending mail is.

import smtplib  
    fromaddr = 'fromuser@gmail.com'  
    toaddrs  = 'touser@gmail.com'  
    msg = 'There was a terrible error that occured and I wanted you to know!'  
   # The actual mail send  
   server = smtplib.SMTP('smtp.gmail.com:587')  
   server.sendmail(fromaddr, toaddrs, msg)  

Basically its a program that allows people to send messages to phones via texts from your computer for free. So i won't know any of their stmp data

how can I find it out?


Give one use case input, result from your program.
What user wants?

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Sorry my terse question, but I was sending it from mobile phone and had to try to be terse.

I can not get any clue to help the poster if I do not know about the design of the program more, whole pseudo code maybe and at least one use case to understand what is the goal of the program.

[*] text message to SMS gateway?
Why is the program trying to send Email then?
[*]email client for mobile phone?
Where is the need?

It's using the email address most service providers provide to send texts from an email accounts.(phonenumber@service.com)

My program asks the user for recipients number/service provider plugs it into the email(above) then prompts the user for the message and sends it.

If you have a better way to send texts like the sms gateway. I'll take any ideas, this way the only way I knew how to do this.