All I want to know is that how is that L1.exe protected with that coding?
What is that technology called?
What is the software used for making this?
How is the code generated?
Note that MID & Site code will wary from system to system.
This file cannot be run in the abscence of PCGW32.dll ver

Please reply soon anyone.
i Have attached to be downloades for the same.

You have used a very old thread (2 years old), to post your own question. In the future please start a new thread.

Regarding your question, the little bit I could gather from search engines is that the dll file seems to be incorporated with either printers or your operating system's start up. You must have un-installed some or other application recently which deleted the dll file as well.

Download a new version, copy and paste it to your windows directory system folder. Click on Start, Run and type regsvr32 pcw32.dll

This should re-install the dll and hopefully sort your problem.

Thanks AndreRet.

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